How Big Data Can Enhance Your Storytelling Abilities in Content Marketing

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Each day, 2.5 quintillion bytes of big data are created. More than likely, you’re familiar with the concepts of content marketing and big data. But, you might not know exactly how they can work together to create the best possible output.

A common practice that a lot of marketers immerse themselves in is judging their content content purely based on how many pairs of eyes they attract. In actuality, branded material needs to be focused on drawing in the eyes of people of whom are most likely to buy. More often than not, you are only selling to a specific subset of the population that is exposed to your messaging.

While the primary goal of any content marketing strategy is to spark interest in your product or service, randomly creating material without data-driven reasoning is a shot in the dark. Effective storytelling as all about being in the right place at the right time. Let’s talk about the profound impact big data has on your ability to do so.

Precise Targeting

Perhaps the biggest advantage of big data is that you can conduct in-depth research and craft your content according to popular demand. There are many ways to mine information across different channels to …

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