4 Trends That are Shaping the Future for Data Centres in India

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Since last decade, the concepts of data center services have changed drastically. The advent of pioneering trends, such as big data, cloud storage, and wearable technology, has opened up newer avenues for businesses to scale their operations, by modifying their existing data centers. Subsequently, organizations are migrating from in-house data centers to public cloud and leased co-location facilities. In addition, there have been other breakthroughs in data center planning and structuring that are making waves today, four of which have been discussed in  this blog post. Take a look.

1. Hyperscaling

Data centers in India, today, are hosting IT infrastructures for several e-commerce businesses. Subsequently, they are now evolving to incorporate hyperscaling, and handle the increased online traffic and reduce network outages. Migrating the infrastructures onto cloud, allows businesses to keep  their networks free from bandwidth crunches, and allow smoother customer experience online, while streaming videos, and all forms of static information.

2. Hybrid Internal Clouds

Prominent organizations are also shifting focus towards hosting hybrid internal clouds, to assimilate the ever-increasing network traffic into their functioning. Hybrid cloud infrastructures involve connecting two separate clouds (one internal and one external cloud), allowing seamless transfer of data and application, using identity-based user access control. Such cloud …

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