Hot Trends in AI Advancements you Should Know

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Artificial Intelligence is nothing new, the renewed interest in it, is though. The biggest tech companies in the world are dedicating efforts to the field. Whether it’s making smart devices, smart vehicles or voice assistants and robots, every company has its own take on AI. Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, and more companies are all working on AI in some form.

The developments in AI have been rapid and the momentum is not poised to slow down anytime soon. When Google introduced Google Now and voice search, Apple had Siri and Microsoft introduced Cortana. Digital assistants allowed to interact with devices through voice and have conversational help always available to the users. We could talk to our devices just like any other human. That is how AI chatbot technology changes the humech bond. That was AI going mainstream.

We had glimpses of robots learning quickly and adapting as per human needs in recent movies like Her and Ex Machina. Even saw the pitfalls of them outsmarting their own creators and theories of a war between robots and humans not being too far away.

There has even been a controversial conference on Love and Sex with Robots just on 19-20th December in London where as …

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