How Deep Learning Affects SEO

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Google is always up to something new and fascinating, and one of the things that they have been working on is the evolution of Google Search from machine learning to “something more”. Originally, a group of Google’s engineers worked on the search engine’s recognition of synonyms. With users inputting different words interchangeable with one another, Google would implement its knowledge to understand better what they were searching for.

The next step came with the translation of websites, where the engineers fed the system with a large number of translated documents, “teaching” Google how one language is mapped to another. This way, Google was able to translate sites into languages that none of the engineers spoke. And now, the ultimate step in this evolution is deep learning.

What is deep learning?

Deep learning is based on the notion of digital neurons, which are organized into layers. Every layer takes features of a higher level one from the data that it receives, and passes them to the next layer. The result of this is that higher layers can understand the notions from the input data. Take images for example. 

The first layer receives an input of pixels and is “taught” to recognize shapes from them. Higher layers …

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