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From Tether to Integrate: Looking at How Smart Cars Connect

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A majority of car manufacturers today have a model of connected car. How these cars communicate with their environment, however, is evolving per manufacturer and with time; first generation BMW smart cars once embedded its own SIM card to power basic connectivity functions like emergency calling, navigation, infotainment apps, and remote vehicular data access; now, like other smart cars on the market, BMW not only runs smartphone devices on its dashboard but also leverages software and hardware companies to provide smart car drivers seamless connectivity services from infotainment to navigation.

Integrated solutions for intelligent cars

Car manufacturers today often mention Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Play to attract customers. Volvo, for example, recently announced that its VNL semi trucks will integrate CarPlay, as did Honda for its 2018 Fit models and Hyundai for its 2018 Sonatas. More specifically, they are referring to a vehicle’s ability to run in-dash smartphone apps like iTunes and Google Map; in essence, the connected car’s embedded software is programmed to connect to a smartphone’s network and applications to provide vehicle-authorized services. For example, drivers might use CarPlay or Autoplay to guide them to the nearest gas station or answer driving-related questions without taking their eyes off the …

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