Five Ways How Big Data is Applied in Russia

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Everybody heard about Big Data, but a relatively small number of people knows what it means and how we can actually use it. Those who know can build their business around Big Data to optimize the spendings and forecast the behavior of their clients.

The meaning behind Big Data

The amount of digital data is growing every year. According to IBS the total number of data stored in 2015 is more than 6,5 zettabytes and is constantly growing. These huge masses of data are called Big Data. In Russia, we can add the tools for its analysis to the term, but the main idea stays untouched. Only 1,5% of this data is actually useful and we need to have great analytics to depict the information needed from the whole data pool.

Big Data over the world

Nowadays the USA is the pioneer of Big Data practices with the majority of companies being at least interested in the subject. In 2014, according to IDC, more countries began to look into the data corner. Europe, Asia (excluding Japan) and Africa took 45% share of big data software and hardware.

Where Big Data is used

The usage of Big Data is wide. With clever usage of data analytics, you can find out the effectiveness …

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