Dark Matter: How GPS Data is Helping to Unlock the Universe’s Secrets

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Data is essential to the way we live our lives here on Earth. But it’s also proven to be very helpful in exploring the mysteries of the universe beyond our tiny planet. Because there are so many phenomena observed in space that are difficult to measure, many mysteries remain about how the universe functions, changes, and evolves. Dark matter has been of particular interest to researchers, but it has been notoriously difficult to study—because all that has been detected of the elusive matter is its gravitational pull. New research has revealed that there may be a way to find this matter, however, using a common technology that we use every day: GPS satellites and data. 

What is Dark Matter?

Dark matter is one of the most elusive and mysterious substances that exists. It’s the stuff that is thought to be responsible for the formation of galaxies, but very little is known about its nature, aside from the hypothesis that it makes up 85% of the galaxy’s matter, and that its gravity is thought to keep galaxies together. Scientists have been hunting for answers about dark matter for years, with few solid answers. Even extra-sensitive sensors haven’t been able to detect dark matter …

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