7 Interesting and Unusual Uses of AI You May Not Know About

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not just the buzzword used by scientists, science fiction authors, and filmmakers. The future has already arrived. AI has a large number application fields. Many of them are robotics-related (e.g. Google Home and Amazon Echo). But let’s make a journey into the most interesting AI use cases.

Customer Service

If you are accustomed to robot-like chatbots ineffectively simulating human behavior, you will have to forget about them very soon. AI is believed to be the future of customer service. Many companies work on AI projects, and platforms, such as Init.ai, motion.ai and Octane AI already assist businesses in creating feature-rich chatbots using AI. Technology solutions empowered by AI can do much more than just conducting a conversation. They can be personal assistants like Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Google Now.

What about a new crop? Developers offer AI apps like Mezi and Claire that can help people to manage their trips. Virtual humans, such as 3D intelligent virtual assistants developed by iDAvatars are emotionally expressive and can speak customers’ language, thus delivering superior customer experience.

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Food and Drinks Industry

You may have heard about some “boring” probable uses of AI like “intelligent machines” for food sorting. What about this one? The …

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