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Biometric Passwords and What It Means For You

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The world of passwords and security is always growing, as criminals are constantly finding new ways to circumvent or crack what protects things of true value. It’s why passwords now require numbers, symbols, capital letters, and more.

It’s also why many companies and individuals worried about security are turning to biometric passwords. It’s possible to steal or break a password, but it is much harder to fake a password that is made up of a fingerprint or a picture of a person’s face.

As the technology improves, biometric passwords are likely to become a new norm, with every piece of sensitive information protected by something tied to a person’s unique body. Here are just some of the ways biometric passwords are being created and what it can mean for your security.

Fingerprints: Their Benefits and Flaws

Fingerprints are the most commonly used form of identifican and biometric security measure. For identifying people, fingerprints have been utilized since the 1890s. But back then, it required ink, paper, and a magnifying glass to compare them. Now, a fingerprint can be scanned with a simple sensor the size of button.

Fingerprints are easy to use and a great first step into biometric security. One of the major benefits …

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