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In this article I decided to write about IoT projects that will have a big influence on our world. 

Remember fantasy movies with smart houses and cars? That your alarm rings at 7 am you wake up, you switch it off, it conveys to the geyser to heat water at a temperature you prefer and also the coffee maker starts brewing coffee ? That your fridge can identify that you have run out of milk, it contacts the supermarket and orders the quantity you usually need, and also informs you by sending a message on your phone?

Well, now these movies are not fantasy movies anymore, we are this lucky generation which experiences tremendous and radical changes in the way we live and work. We have all opportunities now to make the world better!

Internet of Things is one of the most emerging technologies nowadays and it is starting to be clear for everyone that we move towards smart cities, smart houses, smart houses, smart living! Everything on earth will be connected to each other and we would be living in the world of IoT. 

The main questions now are: how well IoT would make our lives smarter and easier? What would be the innovations …

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