8 Amazing Smart Home IoT Devices Available in 2017

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Do you sometimes feel like your home greets you like an old friend when you come home from a long day in the office? Well, what if it could? The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to develop rapidly, with new devices becoming available every year. Smart homes are one of the most widely adopted IoT applications currently available to consumers, and devices for smart homes are becoming more popular each year. One of the biggest benefits of smart home devices is that they are totally customizable—you can choose the devices that make sense for your life. But what options are out there? Well, we still haven’t seen a device that will cook your breakfast for you, but these 8 cutting-edge smart home IoT devices are available this year, and could make your life a whole lot easier. 

1. Sensi Wi-Fi Thermostat

Let’s face it, not everyone likes a room to be the same temperature. You won’t always be able to agree on what makes for a comfortable room, but you will be able to optimize your preferences with the Sensi Thermostat. The Sensi allows you to set different temperature schedules, depending on the day of the week, giving you better control over …

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