7 Reasons to Switch to Cloud Hosting in 2017

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Cloud computing is here to stay – that’s a fact. While some were still skeptical of the wide-ranging effects of the “cloud revolution” several years ago, it has become clear that outsourced, cloud-based computing and infrastructure solutions are the wave of the future.

Still, some people are skeptical. Even though cloud hosting is one of the earliest “cloud” technologies, there are still individuals and companies who aren’t making use of the cloud – and are missing out on the many benefits of websites that are hosted on the cloud.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the top 6 reasons your website should be running on the cloud, to give you an inside perspective on the benefits of cloud web hosting.

1. Lower Costs

Hosting a website on your own is expensive. You have to invest in server architecture, licensing, and operating costs for an on-premises server. Not only that, you’ll have to have IT staff who are able to service and maintain your equipment – or you’ll have to outsource to another IT firm that is willing to do so.

Cloud hosting allows you to avoid all of this. By simply paying a flat fee per month, your website will be hosted on …

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