6 Steps for Planning Your Big Data Strategy

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Big data is only getting bigger. Last year we’ve collected more information than we did in the whole of human history before that. Even more frightening, that data is doubling every year. That’s a lot of data!

That means two things:

1. Ever more can be understood on the basis of big data.

2. The longer you wait with joining the big data the game, the harder it will be for everybody else will be further ahead of you.

And when I say ‘everybody’ I do really mean ‘everybody’. From logistics to healthcare, from finance to logistics, from multinationals to small businesses, big data is a part of their strategy and informing the decision that they’re making.

Therefore, isn’t it about time that you joined in as well?

‘Of course,’ the image of my audience in my mind grumbles, ‘but how do I do that?’

Get the right team together

The first thing to realize is that as big data is still quite new, there isn’t yet anything like a ‘big data’ person. What’s more, it isn’t just some IT program. Instead, it’s a business strategy. For that reason, you need to make sure that your team has all the necessary skills to actually make the best of …

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