5 Reasons Why Enterprises Are Embracing OSS

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Enterprises are often characterized as repulsive to open source software, both in usage and offerings. Building enterprise software is not only about building software, but also about building processes. Open source software usually lacks long-lasting patrons that can provide support to such processes and thus present itself as a serious contender to proprietary offerings. Therefore enterprises are usually hesitant with adopting open source software solutions and as a result end up not putting their offerings as OSS either, creating an impasse.

A new line of thought has emerged recently, however, in which enterprises are offering their solutions under OSS licenses. This rise is mostly fueled by the success of products like Android, MongoDB, Elasticsearch and many more. Here are 5 reasons why enterprises are choosing to open source their products increasingly:

Builds User Base and Trust

When the users can evaluate the product before making a commitment to it, they have a better fulfillment experience. An important point to note is that OSS does not mean that the product is free of cost. Enterprises usually have two parallel offerings; a Community Edition that is free of cost and an Enterprise Edition that has some additional features, plus other important add-ons like priority support, …

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