3 Questions for Blockchain, if it is to help Analytics Leaders

Ever since completing our popular series, sharing resources from the #CityChain17 blockchain conference, I’ve been ruminating on some fundamental questions for blockchain.

These are questions relevant to Data & Analytics leaders, especially if blockchain technologies are to fulfil their potential of moving beyond pilot stage.

Each deals with a different aspect of the key challenges (facing data & analytics leaders today) and asks, could blockchain help achieve this? My three questions cover: ways to amalgamate disparate data sources; performing meaningful analytics on new data structures; and facing into one of the key challenges presented by GDPR.

As I am no blockchain expert & robust thinking on this topic is still at a relatively early stage (just as most ‘use cases‘ are still pilots), so I have looked to others.

In this post, I share 3 other articles reflecting on the 3 questions for blockchain (that I pose below). Each demonstrates some real expertise and sensible thinking, at least about the work still needed. I hope you find them useful.

Q1: Could blockchain help address the problem of amalgamating the disparate data sources needed for Analytics?

Here it is worth reflecting on both the similarities of blockchain & database technologies (as Gideon shared in our previous post) and also what database theory has learned over recent decades of practice.

Despite …

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