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Why Marketing Automation Won’t Work Without Data Quality Measures

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Yesterday, actually it was a normal day for me, I again experienced why marketing automation won’t work without data quality measures. I attended a webinar by a French marketing automation company who had a really nice tool to track customers on the website and collect leads for further processing. They have put much effort on a rule based engine to segment leads and a state of the art backend to have a nice working environment. I then asked: What happens if a person mistyped his e-mail address? What happens if a person set fills out his name in lowercase? What happens if the person has a typo in the postal address? First there was no answer. But then the webinar leader said: Why should someone do that? The answer is easy: Because we are human! There is a certain percentage of people who are not 100% concentrated when filling out a form. Maybe because they are using their smartphone where a typo can happen very easily, or they simply don’t know their correct e-mail address (I have often seen Austrian or German e-mail addresses with @gmail.at or @gmail.de – but, as we all know, there is only gmail.com).

So this sophisticated …

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