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Why Educational Systems Should Consider Big Data

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Advances in technology have enabled good decision making in most educational institutions following the increased use of big data. The policy makers in the institutions have been using big data to understand the sentiments about the school and make systematic improvements to the student’s performances. The term big data refers to a large amount of information flowing through various channels that only use computers for analysis. Learning institutions generate an immense amount of student’s information that would be hard to capture and manage through conventional means. Therefore, big data comes in handy in helping improve the processing of data and increasing the storage capacity of the institutional data.

Understanding Big Data

Students’ performances and experiences such as eating, social life, study, and sleeping have a high effect on their academic performance. Negative or traumatic experiences have a direct impact on the student’s retention abilities. Therefore, most institutions now use big data to look into various aspects affecting the performance of a student. Academic institutions collect large quantities of data, but the problem lies in the analysis making it harder for the analytics to make data-based decisions and improve the organizational effectiveness.

Why Big Data and Not Small Data

Academic institutions collect data for many …

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