Why Cloud Adoption Will Continue to Grow in 2017

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Cloud computing has had a pretty slow start over the past few years,. It makes sense, because there are many security and privacy concerns weighing down the technology.

It looks like that sentiment is finally waning, however. Cloud adoption in 2016 was higher than it’s ever been, and that trend continues as we move into 2017.  Most recently, worldwide software company Epicor acquired the cloud-based enterprise content management company, docSTAR, providing just one example of a trend we can expect to see more of throughout the coming year.

Surveys indicate that 17% of enterprises have over 1,000 virtual machines deployed in the cloud, a big increase from 13% in 2015. Furthermore, 95% of survey respondents indicated they utilized cloud services.

As cloud interest — and adoption — rises, enterprises are forced to jump on the bandwagon or risk getting left behind. There are roadblocks and obstacles you may encounter along the way, but more importantly, the benefits far outweigh the risks.

Embracing the Cloud

Cloud solutions now provide benefits like rapid elasticity, proper scaling support, broad network access and on-demand self-service software. And these are quickly becoming necessary in today’s hyper-efficient, technology-oriented world.

This, coupled with the fact that local hardware is aging fast, will push …

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