What to Look For When Hiring Programmers

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Hiring a developer who is really talented is a skill that relies heavily on intuition, technical acumen, social networking and process management. If you have ever been given the hiring responsibility, then you most probably understand the challenges that are involved.

One particular problem when it comes to IT staffing is that it is tough to evaluate the hallmark qualities of the software engineering candidates. How can you explore the ability of a candidate to think creatively and innovate? How will you know if he or she is a team player? How do you know their capacity to utilize constructive feedback? Can you even investigate their moral fiber? Even though this task isn’t simple, it is important to find answers to all these questions so as to hire the best people. Unfortunately, nothing of substance will be achieved when you just ask them.

Some methodologies and approaches can help you to evaluate the subtle dimensions of a programmer’s skills and abilities. If used effectively, the techniques can assist you to hire the best programmer there is.

Technical acumen

Determining the technical proficiency of a candidate goes beyond their knowledge in programming languages or technology. An ideal developer will not waste time memorizing something that …

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