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What is the Best Programming Language for Machine Learning?

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Q&A sites and data science forums are buzzing with the same questions over and over again: I’m new to data science, what language should I learn? What’s the best language for machine learning?

There’s an abundance of articles attempting to answer these questions, either based on personal experience or based on job offer data. Τhere’s so much more activity in machine learning than job offers in the West can describe, however, and peer opinions are of course very valuable but often conflicting and as such may confuse the novices. We turned instead to our hard data from 2,000+ data scientists and machine learning developers who responded to our latest survey about which languages they use and what projects they’re working on – along with many other interesting things about their machine learning activities and training. Then, being data scientists ourselves, we couldn’t help but run a few models to see which are the most important factors that are correlated to language selection. We compared the top-5 languages and the results prove that there is no simple answer to the “which language?” question. It depends on what you’re trying to build, what your background is and why you got involved in machine learning …

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