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Today’s consumers are more powerful than ever before, and get every bit of information that they can before they make a purchase. The Internet is helping them greatly, and most of the buying is done online. The pace is so rapid that it won’t be long before online purchases are more common than offline ones.

What does this mean for businesses?

You have to unify your marketing and sales channels so that you can understand your consumers better, and can offer them a personalized cross-channel experience. Customer experience is the trick to mastering this. And so, you must come up with ways that allow you to improve and offer a seamless customer experience across all channels, so much so that you outdo your competitors if you want most of the market share.

Consider the examples of Apple, Amazon, and other giant retailers out there. What are the common elements in their marketing and sales campaign? Following potential leads and consumers over multiple channels and sending them personalized messages. They have advanced analytics systems in place that give them insight, which are then used for delivering a better customer experience than before.

As of now, current technologies allow businesses to control their clients’ data. But all …

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