What Are Uber’s Future Plans in Terms of Data Analytics?

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There’s almost no one left in the world, except those perhaps residing in the farthest corners of the earth, who has not yet heard of Uber and the Uber business model.

BigInsights Principal Raj Dalal met up with Uber’s Chief Data Architect M C Srivas on a recent visit to San Francisco, where, in the course of the hour-long conversation, Srivas spoke of what data analytics meant for Uber, and how data innovation was being used to further, what is now popularly known around the world as “the Uber model.”

In the first part of this three-part series, we had looked at how data analytics was the key to Uber’s success.

In this, second part, we now look at Uber’s future plans based on data analytics.

Raj: As chief data architect here at Uber what are some breakthroughs you hope to make to take Uber to the next phase?

Srivas: Unlike Google or Facebook or Twitter, every bit of Uber’s data is actually a monetary transaction. There’s livelihood getting that exactly right. At Uber, every piece of data is impacting somebody’s pocket. So the need for quality is much higher than that of any standard website. So that’s a whole different set of challenges.  

The second part …

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