So You Want to Be a Data Scientist? – It’s Complicated

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Rock stars. That’s what some people are calling data scientists. And right now, data science is the sexiest tech career field, at least according to LinkedIn in a recent report of top skills for 2017. Since the term was first coined in 2001, data science has come to mean a large group of activities which combine statistical analysis and data mining.

Anyone who is considering a career in data science needs to understand first, the myriad of things such a career involves, the type of education and training required, and exactly what the job market holds. And because the field is growing so fast, students and mid-career professionals both have an opportunity to move into data science careers, if they get the right education and training.

The Field is Broad and Varied

There is no single definition of data science, as it varies with industry, specific business, and what the purpose of the data scientist’s role is. And different roles require different skill sets, therefore the educational and training path is not uniform. Data scientists can come from many fields – math, statistics, computer science, and even engineering. But the role the scientist is to play is now generally broken down into two …

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