Security remains the biggest challenge for mobile health

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Healthcare organizations continue to deploy mobile health technology but privacy and security remain top concerns, says a new study from Jamf, a developer of mobile device management software for Apple devices.

The study of 550 healthcare information technology executives from Jamf finds that by 2018 39% of patients with access to a mobile device will use that device to connect with a healthcare organization, up from 36% in 2016.

But at 83% security tops the list of the biggest concerns healthcare information technology managers have with implementing and managing a mobile health program followed by data privacy (77%) and inappropriate employee use (49%).

The survey finds that 85% of healthcare organizations have provided care givers within their organization a wireless Apple device. The company didn’t have a similar number for 2016.

Consumers and healthcare systems clearly like using the mobile web—and smartphones or tablets—to manage their healthcare. The top reason why healthcare organizations develop a mobile program is to give patients easier access to their medical records, cited by 40% of responding enterprises, followed by other patient-focused transactions, including scheduling appointments remotely (18%).

Healthcare organizations also believe mobile health technology boosts efficiency and can improve patient satisfaction. 42% of survey respondents say a mobile healthcare program improves staff responsiveness, followed by 38% who point to improved communication between patients and doctors, 37% better communication between patient and nurses, 34% improved communication about medications, 23% better pain management and 23% better patient discharge information.

“Adoption of mobile devices like iPad by hospitals and clinics is revolutionizing how providers offer care and interact with patients,” says Jamf vice president of product management and marketing David Alamp. “Combining mobile devices with a robust mobile device management technology, healthcare organizations can efficiently, consistently and securely deploy, manage and wipe devices.”

Title: Security remains the biggest challenge for mobile health

Source: news from Healthcare Privacy


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