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Privacy matters: Englewood renovates cardiopulmonary wing’s rooms

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A newly renovated patient room in the cardiopulmonary medical-surgical unit at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center. – (ENGLEWOOD HOSPITAL AND MEDICAL CENTER)
Englewood Hospital and Medical Center has a newly renovated medical-surgical unit to serve cardiopulmonary patients, designed by RSC Architects.This is the latest upgrade to the 13,000-square-foot wing on the hospital’s third floor, which was redesigned by RSC once before, according to a statement.

The existing 14 double-bed semi-private rooms and eight private rooms were converted into 20 private rooms of about 225 square feet each.

“Single-occupancy rooms give patients more privacy and families more support space. It’s the latest trend in health care design,” says John Capazzi, president of RSC Architects. “For the interior, we’re using warm lighting and wooden accents to create an environment that promotes emotional and physical healing. The goal of the redesigned and renovated rooms is to create a hospitable atmosphere that puts an emphasis on patient care and well-being.”

The change to private rooms is one that is increasingly popular among providers.

“The mission of this multi-phase modernization project is to reduce the stark, clinical feel of older patient rooms into a warm, hospitable environment,” says Pasquale Avallone, healthcare manager of RSC Architects. “We used a modular manufactured construction method on the headwalls and footwalls of the rooms so we could embed the necessary technology, like medical gas outlets. We made sure our design allows for flexibility to update systems with new innovations in the field.”

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Title: Privacy matters: Englewood renovates cardiopulmonary wing's rooms

Source: news from Healthcare Privacy

Link: http://www.njbiz.com/article/20170607/NJBIZ01/170609884/privacy-matters-englewood-renovates-cardiopulmonary-wings-rooms

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