Planning Big Data Investment Based on Time-to-Insight Advantages

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For many of the big companies now, the priority is to capitalize on Big Data investments, but the discussion about it is still ongoing as to whether the actual objective of it is to save money or there are some higher goals to achieve?

The all-time golden rule in business is “time is money”. The Fortune 1000 executives who participated and voted in the Fourth Big Data Executive Annual Survey, conducted by NewVantage Partners last year, undoubtedly confirmed that reducing the ‘time-to-insight’ is the most specific driver for the major companies to invest in Big Data than the generic objective of simply saving money.

Overview of NewVantage Partners Survey

The 2016 report, confirms that the leading industrial corporations believe that Big Data is all-set to deliver a competitive advantage over other prevalent business technologies of the age by enabling the organizations to act faster in terms of:

Gathering data
Analyzing data
Gaining proper insights
Making critical decisions
Bringing new capabilities first to market

NewVantage Partners survey reflects that actual perception of the CDOs (Chief Data Officers), CIOs (Chief Information Officers), Business VPs and Presidents, and the heads of 50 prominent Fortune 1000 organizations that are in charge of Big Data implementation.

The major participants in the survey also included the …

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