New To Analyzing Big Data? 3 Tips For Efficient Data Analysis

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As a business owner, you want to save as much time, money, and energy as humanly possible by streamlining your entire business from top to bottom. The more resources you can conserve, the more you can invest in your marketing efforts.

If you’re smart, you’re already streamlining your small needs like outsourcing minor tasks, hiring short-term contracted staff members, and using professionally programmed and pre-made documents to make sure your paperwork is up to par. These aspects of running a business are probably “old hat” to you.

While you’re streamlining the everyday aspects of running your business, hopefully, you’re not forgetting to streamline your data analytics as well. If you’re collecting any kind of data, it’s likely coming from multiple sources. And since you can’t afford to dilute the efficiency of your business, here are three tips to tighten it up.

1. Make sure your devices and programs are collecting data

This may sound obvious to some, but if you’re new to data analysis, you may not be aware that the collection of data from the devices and programs you use within your network is entirely determined by settings within your control. Some devices automatically log data no matter what; however, many devices have …

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