How Unlimited Mobile Data and 5G Will Make VR the New Normal

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This is the companion piece to my last article on mobile data, The dark (and not-so-dark) side of mobile data.

The stage is set, we’re just not quite there yet. When 5G internet becomes a reality, when the mobile data source is unlimited, and when Virtual Reality and Augmented applications proliferate, it won’t be that odd to see someone walking down the street with a headset on.

First, the mobile web and data. If a mobile web provider limits the amount of data you can use, it’s undoubtedly a money-making scheme. The data itself is not a commodity. This is evidenced by a provider like T-Mobile offering 2 smartphone lines of unlimited data and including video streaming and mobile hotspots for no extra charge. To offer streaming data and hotspot data as add-ons is to imply that these data are fundamentally different than cellular data, they’re bonus data, a special kind of data the provider could potentially charge extra for.

But data is data. There’s no limit to it, and increasingly, providers are making unlimited data plans the standard. The difference between streaming video data and audio data, say, is that a packet of video data is much larger, because it includes both …

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