How to Write a Data Analysis Report

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Let’s face it, data analysis reports, whether you’re writing them for universities or for big data, are intimidating. They’re also not a great deal of fun to write. I asked some people where they’d rank writing one and it came in just above going to the dentist. That’s not a good place to find yourself (and here I’m talking both about the list and the chair).

You know what the crazy thing is? They’re actually not that hard to write! Like so many things in life you just need to know where to start. For that reason, I thought I’d write you up a quick article so that the next time you at least know how to get it over with as quickly as possible. And then, maybe you’ll start to enjoy it more and it will become only as unpleasant as being woken by your neighbor drilling holes in the wall. We can only hope, right? 

There is no one right way

The first thing you’ve got to realize is that there is not yet one way to present your data. Admittedly, that’s unfortunate. It would probably be helpful for everybody if there was some standard way to do these things. That’s …

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