How to Navigate the World of Disciplined Software Selection

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When selected with care, enterprise software can be a strategic differentiator that drives efficiency and cost savings throughout your organization. Furthermore, as the great crew change occurs in any industry, the younger generation has certain implicit expectations about how you will leverage that technology, from automation for repetitive processes to the usability of application interfaces, to remote access anywhere on the devices of their preference. If your organization finds itself labeled a technology dinosaur, then you will neither attract nor retain the best young talent in a competitive employment landscape.

Beyond the human resources aspect, the bar that defines baseline efficiency levels in the business is on an upward move. If your organization fails to leverage technology effectively, then your business will ultimately suffer and fall behind as your competition leap frogs ahead. If you accumulate enough technical debt in your IT organization then you will find it difficult to catch-up to the competition.

Selecting the right software product can be a complicated and daunting process, especially when the costs to purchase, implement, and maintain the product can be in the hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. Improper selection of a software product results in a direct impact to information management …

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