How to Avoid a Data Breach

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Even a modest data breach can create serious problems that business owners cannot afford to take lightly. By some estimates, small businesses are the target of more than 40 percent of all online attacks. From providing staff and employees with the additional training in order to avoid any bad habits that may lead to security concerns to staying informed regarding the new threats that may be just over the horizon, business owners would be wise to take whatever steps may be necessary in order to enhance their level of digital security.

Consequences of a Breach

From the largest and most high-profile breaches to situations where business owners may not even be aware that their accounts or information may become compromised, calculating the true cost of a breach can often be difficult. In addition to more tangible instances that may involve the theft of funds or loss of assets, long-term damage to the brand or image of a business can often be quite costly. Consumers who have reason for heightened concern regarding their personal, account or financial information are far more likely to take their business elsewhere. Failing to address digital security concerns could end up sending the wrong message to potential …

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