How To Apply IoT Applications In Real Life

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is a hot topic in business circles and with current innovations in the field; it is easy to see why. Related technologies like sensor embedded connected systems have the potential to transform the way we live and even how businesses operate. To illustrate the impact of the trend, here are top ten applications that showcase the Internet of Things:

Smart Homes
Connected Cars
Smart Cities
Industrial IoT
Smart Grids
Environmental Monitoring
Supply Chain

1 – Wearables

When it comes to technologies that made it possible for there to be an Internet of Things, wearable’s deserve special mention. Wearables are often in the form of sensor-embedded objects driven by software and are designed to collect data about users, send and sometimes even receive it. Depending on what a device is for, the data that is received about the user can be used to glean insights on anything from a user’s health to bank transactions.

Since their inception, there has been an increasing demand for wearable devices and brands like Google and Apple are already cashing in on it. Case in point both are versions of the Apple Watch and Google Glass.

2 – Smart Homes

If wearable’s like smart watches aren’t enough to convince you that IoT is …

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