How the Internet of Things Changes Big Data Analytics

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The internet of things is going to have a dramatic and far-reaching impact on the world that we can’t even imagine. By the year 2020, there will be somewhere in the vicinity of 28 billion sensors online. That’s more than four per person. And from there it will only multiply.

That means that there will just be tremendous amounts of data pouring in. More data then we can, at this point, process. In fact, we might never be able to process it as even as ramp up our ability to process data, the number of sensors is going to keep growing. You can almost see it as an arms race between the data and the ability to process it.

Even if we can’t process that data, it won’t just disappear. Instead, it will get dumped into huge servers, as the storage space for information continues to plummet and it becomes easier to just put things on disk than to do anything with them.

So what does all this mean for big data?

For one thing, it means that if you want to make sure that you can use this incredible river of data, you’ll need to start early. You’ll need to start picking and …

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