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It’s Saturday noon and you set out for a long drive with your friends and family. You get into your car, turn on the music, tune into your favorite song, and give the navigation system your preferred destination while it selects the best route. Not just these. You get all the information required through cloud right on your car dashboard. Drivers around the world are used to the increasing amount of digitalization in their cars. However, this is not the end. The future is much sexier and pretty than what you have thought of.

Tomorrow’s car will represent a step change in function and form to what it is being offered now. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) plan to build smart, connected, autonomous vehicles (AV) or self-driving cars is already in the pipeline. According to IHS Markit, the sales of AVs are expected to reach 600,000 units by 2025, and 21 million units by 2035. Geographically, Asia-Pacific (APAC) would hold a major share of 39%, followed by Americas at 34.7% in 2030. The growth in APAC region would be driven by the technological competency of China, Japan, and South Korea.

AVs today are in a public testing phase with companies such as Ford, …

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