How is Data Analytics Changing the Web Design Landscape?

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In the past, people usually relied on intuition or gut feeling when it comes to the matters of design. Unfortunately, this kind of approach is highly unreliable. Sure, those with a lot of experience in the field will unknowingly draw patterns from their previous success or failures, but this usually comes down to a limited number of people (who have enough experience in the first place). Today, web designers have something much more reliable to lean on- the notion of data analytics.

John Wanamaker once said that one half of everything he spends on marketing goes to waste. The problem, however, is that he can never know which half. Still, this statement was uttered ages ago and today things are much different than they were at the time. Thanks to the internet and numerous analytics tools we have at disposal, in 2017 it is more or less possible to accurately predict which factors affect website or app users the most. By knowing this, you can also see which website elements are most likely to result in a great ROI.

What Kind of Data Are We Talking About?

We keep repeating this word data, but what kind of data are we actually talking about. …

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