How Edge Computing will Make Widespread IoT Use Possible

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The Internet of Things (IoT) has been a dream for many people working in the tech and big data fields for years. Despite the exciting implications of widespread IoT use, however, the concept has been slow to catch on with the general public—with a few exceptions. Smart home devices are gaining popularity, and there is a lot of interest in the progress of self-driving vehicles, but the potential of IoT has still been largely unexplored. IoT devices could touch every corner of our lives, and we’re not harnessing much of that power at all. But why? Partially, because of our current Internet infrastructure. It’s just not up to the task of handling the massive amounts of data collected by IoT devices. The good news? The cloud and edge computing could make widespread IoT use possible.

What are Cloud and Fog Computing?

These days, cloud computing is something we use every day. Instead of storing data on a local server or a hard drive, it is saved on the “cloud”, which is made up of remote servers, allowing the data to be retrieved and processed wherever there is an Internet connection. There are limitations to the cloud however—and those limitations are tied to …

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