How Big Data is Changing the Recruitment Industry

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The recruitment business has evolved immensely. In its early years, recruitment was all about placing ads in the newspaper and getting a call from the interested candidates. Companies and organisations would have to wait for the word to get out or mostly accept potential candidates referred by their employees. Then came the job portals, which made it easy for both the job seekers and the companies to connect with each other. It helped candidates to understand the job profile better and the companies to see if the candidates are a good fit before calling them for an interview. For the last few years, with the rise of the internet and the impact of social media in recruitment, the whole recruitment industry has seen a tremendous change.

This age of internet for the recruitment industry is creating a wealth of information through various sources like candidates’ resumes, job applications, job reviews, interview reviews, etc. It can be said that the future of the industry is going to be driven by big data. With the help of big data, organisations can mine the right candidate and understand the best skills in a candidate that will be a good fit to the job profile. …

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