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Accidents are a part of life, but when we carefully analyze the data on unintended incidents and injuries, we often find that many of them could have been avoided through greater care and harm reduction strategies. Unfortunately, because many companies and individuals view each injury in a bubble, they miss the significance of certain occurrences and can’t effectively reform their behaviors. Only the big picture view can help – that’s where big data comes in.

When we use big data to analyze workplace injuries and individual accidents, we move from an individualized view of personal injury to a systemic one – and that’s how we can reduce injuries. But what does this look like in practice? By turning to risk management ecosystems, we can see what the future of safety looks like.

Analyzing Workplace Safety

Workplace safety is a significant national concern – it’s why organizations like OSHA exist – but just because there’s already oversight in the workplace doesn’t mean companies are maximizing their injury prevention strategies. Rather, many do the minimum required by OSHA and leave the rest to chance.

Some workplaces, however, are taking safety seriously by instituting company-wide injury analytics. These systems let all branches of a business, no matter …

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