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How Big Data And Logistics are Working Together

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Logistics companies have initiated many project prototypes for the exploitation of big data analysis and several amazing projects that will soon be part of our everyday lives. This includes using Spark on Hadoop for real-time analysis to assess large data volumes stored on registers’ logs, database, excel, or HDFS that has completely changed the business dynamics. Here are some of the big data projects related to the logistics sector:

Volume Analysis

Logistic companies seeking to optimize budgets and resource allocation have always grappled with the problem of predicting parcel volume on a given day of the year, month, or week. Logistic companies are currently investing in the area to determine patterns that help to predict peak volumes. It is an ideal use case since data scientists are able to generate recommendations by running batch analysis.

Parcel Health Data

It is important for the transportation of medicines and other commodities in general to be done in a controlled environment. For instance, some medications should be stored between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius. Some type of equipment are fragile and require extra care while handling. It is quite costly for logistics companies and even the end-consumer to manage the whole process. This is why companies are …

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