How AI led Context-Aware Computing Can Power the Next Generation of Smart Apps?

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The fields of artificial intelligence and deep learning have witnessed monumental progress in the past few years with some pioneering technologies set to transform the way we live our lives. From changing how businesses are run and making them more efficient to making cars intelligent enough that they can drive themselves, AI never fails to amaze us with its unlimited potential and prowess over combining the processes of digital computing and algorithms to forge together crucial memory architectures based on layers of neural information networks.

But how can AI become more personal to humans and augment their life experiences? Is there a medium to make available a critically intelligent personal assistant that knows what we want it to do and how we want to do it powered by AI?

The way and the medium both are apps, as it is the promising platform for AI to endear itself to humans and become indispensable. The mobile platform is growing due to its wide appeal to the masses and the number of apps downloaded is also growing consequently as a result of this.

Nearly 268 billion apps have been downloaded by 2017 and the number is expected to grow even further because apps provide an …

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