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So, your site is finally working like a clockwork. You’ve started creating awesome content, your backlink portfolio is spotless and you’re finally satisfied with your rankings. Now that everything is running according to your perfectly formulated plan, there is another curveball sent to you. This time, it’s GDPR.

If you think: “OK, this is something I’ll just ignore,” well, I’ll have to disappoint you. This regulation is obligatory and, if you don’t execute it correctly, your digital marketing and SEO efforts may suffer.

Precisely because of this, I decided to explain what GDPR is and why it is important for your site.

What is the GDPR?

The GDPR is short for the General Data Protection Regulation that was launched two years ago and came into full force on May 25th this year. The GDPR applies to every website that collects and stores EU citizens’ personally identifiable information, be it their IP addresses or credit card data. The GDPR also regulates the way users give their sensitive data to third parties (email marketing providers, web hosts, virtual assistants, etc.).

This is the largest and the most comprehensive regulatory measure ever addressing the rightful use of personally identifiable information. But, why was it created?

To provide their users …

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