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The topic of ethical big data use is one that will likely continue popping up in the headlines with increasing frequency in the coming years. As the IoT, AI, and other data-driven technologies become further integrated with our social identities, the more discussion regarding its regulation we will see.

Recently, transparency advocates began pushing The Open, Public, Electronic and Necessary (or OPEN) Government Data Act, which aims to publish all non-federally restricted data in an open source format, allowing for standardized use by the government as well as the public.

“Our federal government is not just the largest organization in human history, it’s also the most complex,” said executive director of the Data Coalition, Hudson Hollister, in an article on the Federal Times. “To conduct oversight across such scale and complexity is a daunting challenge, fortunately, that is where transparency comes in. By giving Americans direct access to their government’s information, we can deputize millions of citizen inspectors general to help this committee fulfill its mission.”

This type of standardization, transparency, and ethical foresight aims to create a fair and balanced framework for the use of Big Data. Considering the pace of automation and IoT growth, these standards could begin affecting every industry …

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