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What do you think when you read the first line of an unsolicited email that begins with the words, “Dear Buyer”, or “Dear Manager”? If you have not heard from the company before, or, you are not the manager of anything, then it is even more peculiar. Whatever reputation that company was trying to develop, they’ve just lost it.

Many will delete the email and just conclude that this is poor marketing – which is true. But what I think is that the company that sent me this email has not cleaned up its database lately. The reason behind these common marketing mistakes is simple. A deficit has developed between the marketing team and data expertise.

Every year, the quality of our lead generation data is improving. Accuracy, strategic planning and conversion rates are all becoming more and more dependent on marketing where big data is having it impact.And yet, many organisations are not where they need to be regarding data management and application. This is most evident within the digital marketing sector.

Data and Marketing

A 2017 Data-driven Marketing Report by Jaywing bears this out. In their questioning of the marketing industry, 92% said that data management was a top priority for their business. However, 40% stated that …

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