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Could Cyber Attacks Destroy the Digital World?

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Nowadays, there are very few things left that we cannot do online. The vast majority of operations and services have been directed to the World Wide Web, all in the aim of optimizing the offline world. Connecting the entire world to a vast web of databases has made the twenty-first century society thrive at a blinding speed. But this cyber-progress has also rendered modern society vulnerable to an entirely new type of attacks.

Data hacking has evolved alongside data development, up to the point where it has reached cyber terrorism. These attacks can have significant political consequences, but the main targets remain businesses, which can be greatly affected by data breaches. This makes cyber security of paramount importance because a solid defense program is the only measure that can keep a business safe.

Critical Cyber Attacks of the Past Years

These last few years have seen some of the most brutal cyber attacks in digital history. The most important aspect relayed by these attacks was the vulnerability of the online society, as the consequences of these data breaches proved to have a great impact on global politics. Here are a few noteworthy examples:

01. The Ransomware Attack

In May 2017, the ransomware attack has severely …

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