Bio-Artificial Intelligence: A lesson in Why AI Algorithms must “Know” the Field

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all the rage. It seems that every time I surf the web, I see a new AI product, ranging from consumer electronics, to cars, to social media apps, to high-end analytical software. For example, check out these other articles on AI in Internet Marketing, the Legal Profession, and several other application areas. There are even AI products advertised in the airports. Forget what the pundits say about AI being a big part of our future. Just look around to see that the future is here now.

AI Approaches Must Adapt to the Problem at Hand

With the increasing prevalence of AI, we see successes and failures in the use of the technology. I have seen many questions on Quora along the lines of “What Artificial Intelligence algorithm should I use for mining the web?” Clearly, this is an unanswerable question; without knowing what the goal is, the correct approach cannot be defined. This is an extreme example, but to me, it is indicative of the same problems we have seen historically with other new technologies. There is a tendency to rush in with the new hammer in the toolkit and bang on everything like it is a nail.

The …

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