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Big Data Survey 2017

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For the third consecutive year, trade show Big Data Expo and the data consultants of GoDataDriven, together with various media partners, conduct a large-scale international survey to research how organizations leverage data. Besides insights in the trends in the field of data, technology, and the data-driven organization, Big Data Survey also researches if organizations are ready for the GDPR legislation which will take effect in 2018.

Participate in Big Data Survey

Last year, the report received international acclaim for the crisp design and comprehensiveness. Participants receive the full report free of charge.

Are Organizations Able to Extract Value From Data?

Big Data Survey researches the use of Big Data within organizations across various countries. One of last year’s conclusions was that, despite budget being available for projects, the expectation towards the value of data were less hyped than the year before. Predominantly this was because organizations came to the conclusion that success with data does not come by itself. Instead, it is a matter of experimenting and learning. Big Data Survey aims at answering the question if organizations have been able to successfully introduce a data-driven approach. Participate in Big Data Survey

The Knowledge Impairment

Building up a data science team was one of 2016’s challenges. The …

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