Big Data Strategy (Part III): is Your Company Data-Driven?

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If you missed the first two parts, I have previously proposed some tips for analyzing corporate data as well as a data maturity map to understand the stage of data development of an organization. Now, in this final article, I want to conclude this mini-series with final food for thoughts and considerations on big data capabilities in a company context.

I. Where is home for big data capabilities?

First of all, I want to spend few more words regarding the organizational home (Pearson and Wegener, 2013) for data analytics. I claimed that the Centre of Excellence is the cutting-edge structure to incorporate and supervise the data functions within a company. Its main task is to coordinate cross-units activities, which include:

Maintaining and upgrading the technological infrastructures;
Deciding what data have to be gathered and from which department;
Helping with the talents recruitment;
Planning the insights generation phase and stating the privacy, compliance, and ethics policies.

However, other forms may exist, and it is essential to know them since sometimes they might fit better into preexisting business models.

Data analytics organizational models

The figure shows different combinations of data analytics independence and business models. It ranges from business units (BUs) that are completely independent one from the other, to independent BUs that join the efforts in some …

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