Attackers Can Intercept Data From CouchDB and Hadoop Databases

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Is Your Big Data Vulnerable?

The year 2017 started on a dramatic Hollywood-style note for a few database-service providers. In a series of events, some database became victim of ransomware. This raised questions about the security of cloud-based databases which has been the biggest drawback of cloud so far.

MongoDB and Elasticsearch Fell Victim

In what seemed to be a hacking attempt by an individual or a group, thousands of MongoDB-based databases fell victim to a cyber-attack. The hacker claimed to have access to many databases and threatened to delete or encrypt the data if a ransom was not paid.

While many were trying to get over the MongoDB instance, another news regarding Elasticsearch clusters started doing rounds. In this case, the data was deleted from the cluster and a message asking for ransom was left behind. Experts are working on establishing whether this is an isolated event or is it related to the MongoDB attack.

Hadoop and CouchDB Instances

When Hadoop and CouchDB started facing similar issues where data was deleted from the instances, the first thought that crossed many people’s mind was that these have also been hit by ransomware. But, the reality came out to be different than thought. The hackers targeting Hadoop …

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