Are You Brave Enough to Change Your Data Habits?

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Do you often go with gut feeling rather than data and insights? Is your data stored in separate databases, in different formats with different values? We all have bad habits and some are a little hard to kick. However, if there is one you must break, it is surely to make your bad data habits a thing of the past…

Breaking bad data habits isn’t easy. Often there is internal resistance to making data-driven changes, especially with ‘the way things have always been done’ attitude many businesses still embrace. However, ignoring the elephant in the room can be costly. According to Experian’s Data Quality Report, 83% of companies believe their revenue is affected by inaccurate and incomplete customer or prospect data. This is often due to time and money being wasted on unnecessary resources and marketing and communication activities, which ultimately result in a huge loss of productivity.

The cost of bad data habits 

Data is your business’ most valuable asset – it enables you to make the right decisions and impacts everything from email deliverability to customer service and ultimately revenue generation.

Unfortunately, many businesses don’t realise the scale of the data quality issues and fail to give it the focus it deserves. They continue to follow the status quo, …

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