A Big Market For Big Data: An Outlook on 2017

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You might think that the big data revolution is already in full swing. You’d be wrong. It can take decades for a big technological revolution to truly make its impact felt. And before you doubt it, big data is a technological revolution. It already is changing the landscape, like in real estate and health care. That will only accelerate as new uses get found, ideas get implemented and technologies that make use of it and that allow it to excel get rolled out (think the Internet of Things).

For that reason, you have to stay aware of what’s going on and what’s on the horizon. For that is where the real promise lies. Therefore, we’re going to look at the outlook for 2017, so that you can inform yourself and make the right decision about your big data policies.

Machine parts for big data

Just like machine parts for manufacture revolutionized construction, as it allowed one part to be replaced by another and small businesses to buy parts they knew to be compatible to construct finished products, so big data will experience a standardization revolution. More and more companies will come online with ready to use products that business can plug and play.

In …

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